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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Mother of the Bride and Groom outfits for Spring 2012

Spring is on the way and so are a lot of very special ladies outfits.
We have already taken delivery of some superb collections from Condici, Ispirato, Presen, Carina, Mireia, Lewis Henry, Olvis, Linea Raffaelli and Mascara. Others are due in at any time and will continue for the next 3 months.

Visitors to the shop won't ever get to see everything as some will be sold while others are being delivered so the answer to the common question "When is the best time to visit to see as much as possible" isn't really answerable. All I can say is that if you pay us a visit we'll help as much as possible but you may have to come back in another couple of weeks or so to see the new deliveries.

Of course you can always call us and have a quick chat about current stock and we can generally send things out on approval if you can't make the journey.

At present I have a couple of hundred photo's of collections that are either with us or are on the way. More will be posted on my picture gallery when I get them.

For the cost concious customer we have very nice styles from as little as £189 and believe me, these are at least as good as many fashions costing a lot more in high street department stores.
The following are an example of the selections and at only £189 represent excellent value for money.
We have so many collections that it's almost impossible to say which is our favourite, especially as each season sees a shift in a different direction to another designer. However at present both Condici and its sister label of Ispirato sit on level terms with the Presen collections of Carina, Mireia and of course Presen itself,
The following pictures are from all these designers and all are on a picture gallery on the main website from the Preview Picture button on the homepage.
So, for now these are all I can get onto the blog but if you visit the main website it'll get you onto the others.
In the meantime I'll be posting news of deliveries and special promotions on here as and when they become available.
Don't be shy to call us if you want any information on any of the collections we do. We are nothing without you.
Have a very Happy New Year.



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